Anna Hazare and the social networks

Anna Hazare the social activist, is the superpower of India's fight against corruption. He has challenged the government at the highest level for the implementation of the Jan Lokpal Bill, the anti-corruption bill drafted by his team of reformists. The common man and well-known personalities likewise, are supporting him in the hundreds swelling to the thousands and now to the millions. And of course every sincere citizen of India will support Anna on their own ways.

The social media is playing big role in motivating young people and social networking addicts towards the fight against corruption. Practically speaking, More than 150 Facebook pages related to 'Anna Hazare' and 'India Against Corruption' have emerged in the last few months. And amazingly majority of these pages are not owned by any of the Anna Hazare's official team members.

The official 'India Against Corruption' page ( has more than 360000 fans and its ticking every now and then.

Analysis of the official fan page has below stats.
India Against Corruption page analytics
  Page Name   → India Against Corruption
  URL of Page → India Against Corruption
  Number of fans → 363,140
  Today's fans → 21,238
  Today's interactions → 9,838
  Today's unique interactions → 8,453
( Source: on 18-08-2011)

The non official pages are not behind in numbers. For instance, one of the page titled, 'Join Anna Hazare's Fast To Bring the Jan Lokpal Bill' (, created by a Facebook user, is followed/liked by more than 44,000 users.

The similar momentum can be seen on Twitter too. Thousands of tweets have mentioned Anna Hazare and the fight against corruption. The hashtag #isupportannahazare  is mentioned in over 15,000 tweets (As per on  18-08-2011).

The influential power of official Twitter account/handle of the movement ( has notably jumped by six points in the past two days. The Klout score of @janlokpal went up from 68 on August 15 to 75.6 on August 18. For the uninitiated, determines the influential power of a Twitter handle.

The numbers keeps ticking......

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  1. Good job annaji. Your patience and persistence is really commendable. We are with you. Lets get these crooks, fakes and corrupts in Raul , Antonia, Chiddu and Vadhra to books and send them to Tihar. Jai Ho Anna.

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