Cloud TV now in India – Thanks to Star TV

Star TV has decided to upgrade Television entertainment experience in India by uploading its contents on the cloud. As all the leading companies are doing what they can to move its data on cloud, the Star India is not behind the race. Star India is all set to offer Cloud TV to its Indian viewers, being the first player in India to shift all its operations to the cloud.

As Star is going to move itself on cloud, it has decided to shoot all its contents in HD and upload it on cloud after processing. This will fairly allow to stream its programmes on devices with an Internet connection and an Internet browser. Not to mention explicitly that these contents will be in HD. The contents such as movies, serials, shows will remain the same while the new entertainments like game, social networks are expected to enhance user’s digital experience.

As the new technologies always overrode the old ones, the cloud TV is expected to downtrend current TV technologies like cable TV or satellite in course of its time.
Star India owns popular channels like : Star Plus, Star One, Star World, Star News, Star Movies, Star Gold, Channel V and Star Pravah. And Star India joins the ranks of Apple, Google, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon to become the content provider on the cloud.

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