Coolest Gadgets of 2012

       With more than half of the year completed, many gadgets have already been released. People always look for innovative and the latest features for their gadgets. These days’ people can’t stay even a day without their mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc. because they are so multifunctional. Everyone wants to have the latest, updated gadget, as the technology is continuously evolving so are peoples expectations.
Below is a list of the coolest and most advanced gadgets that have been released in the year 2012.
  1. Mac book pro

    While everyone was expecting iPhone 5 to be released in starting of the year and many rumors have spread about the iPhone5, instead has given a shock to the world by releasing the latest mac book pro before iPhone 5 which has a retina display. The screen is much thinner and stylish with high resolutions of 2880 by 1800. It is the best laptop to opt for, which has an i7 quad core processor and 16 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM). The price is about $2200 which is quite expensive but it is worth it.
  1. HTC one
    HTC is famous for Smart phones. It has released so many smart phones this year based on android. Currently the HTC one series is dominating the mobile world and one X is the best smart phone so far. This series is best for its authentic sound and amazing camera of 8MP. It has capacitive2 wide screen of 4.7 inches and tegra3 quad core processor.
  1. Apple’s new iPad 

    There are some features that have improved compared to the previous iPad. It is also has a retina display with resolutions of 2048 by 1536 which is the best display up until now. The battery is life is extended in this gadget. The front camera is 5mp and is an iSight camera which gives you better clarity.

  2. Samsung galaxy s3
    This was the most Awaited phone from Samsung which is released for competing with the HTC one. It has the best features like s beam and tectiles reprogrammable technology. You have 2GB of RAM for this cellular device and QUALCOMM’s dual core processor.
  1. LG LED 3d HD 55 inch TV
    It is the best smart 3-D television with a wide screen of 55inches. It uses WRGB technology, has very high contrast ratio and gives you good viewing positions. It has the internet, magic motion, USB option and many more that you can’t even imagine.
There are hundreds of gadgets which have been released this year with innovative ideas and heaps of creativity. The newly released gadgets will be expensive because of its new technology and specifications. If you lack the funds for these electronic devices, you can pay through installments or you can get it through same day cash loans. The only thing you have to do is to fill in the application form, submit the application and wait for approval. Getting a payday loan and purchasing the device is easier than you think!

About the Author: The guest post was contributed by Diana, Passionate guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her blogs @financeport

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  1. Well, I'd say Samsung S3 is the best one. Wondering what sort of gadgets will come in 2013.

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