How to get video viral on YouTube

All these days when I read the tech-news page of a news paper I see this story which repeatedly appears once in every month tattling about the “Most viewed Video on YouTube”. And people always tend to watch this video just to know why this video got so famous? The most viewed video such as an album song is publicized externally to some extent. Lets see how to get ANY video Viral on YouTube.

I call videos as Viral Videos, when these videos are viewed by thousands and millions of people all over the world through Internet. You can find these videos in video sharing website like ‘YouTube’. Here, I talk only about YouTube just for the simple reason that in YouTube 48 hours of video is uploaded per minute and it hits 3 billion viewers per day and no other video sharing site is even close to this stats.

Such a stat gives you the best chance to make a viral video. I've got some videos (Mentioned later in this article) which are very famous all around the cyber space. This sort of popularity gives you a public promotion which is very useful for start-up companies.

Tips to make a video go Viral
  • Videos should be short enough that viewer feels comfortable to watch full video, normally advertisement clips will be of 30 seconds, but on Internet it may be of larger length. It should not be 5 plus minutes, it will be nice if it ends in couple of minutes. 
  • Videos should be shorter as mentioned, but it should convey complete message to the viewer. 
  • Videos should be funny, or something which attracts viewer in first 30 seconds. 
  • Videos should be simple and should attract all class of viewers irrespective of their country, culture, language. 
Some viral videos on YouTube 

This video is about a startup company called ‘’, the CEO and the co-founder of the company ‘Michael Durbin’ starred in video.
Reason for video getting viral:
  • It was short enough so the viewer won’t spend much time on it.
  • It was a funny, and it made people laugh.
Here is the link to that video

Second viral video I am talking about is very popular, i.e., ‘Gangnam Style’ this was the most popular video on YouTube in 2012, having one billion plus views. 
Reason for video getting viral:
  • A crazy horse riding dance in Gangnam style made it a viral video. 
  • The main reason was open perspective on copyright, Korean entertainer encouraged; anyone can copy the style in their own way to show. This lead many people to use that dance and publish it in their own way. 
Here is the link to that video

Please comment any more tips that you think makes a Video Viral on YouTube.

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