Apple and Microsoft May Merge in next 5-10 years

Yes, the title says it all. Impossible?? Even I had that thought in my mind until I read the analyst report.

It was the analyst, Keith Fitz-Gerald of Money Map Press who unveils his cockamamy idea that Apple and Microsoft could merge in the not too distant future to combat their mutual rivals in his interview with Varney & Co. host Stuart Varney.

Keith Fitz-Gerald later added, “I think that Apple and Microsoft may not only have to work together for the next few years but may even see a merger in the next five to ten years from now because they’re going to have to take on the Google/Android/Facebooks of the world.”
He also said, “Look at what Apple wants to accomplish with the mobile market, You look at the one Microsoft initiative. And you look at the cross-pollinization of devices. Content is king. Security is king. And you’ve got a user base between the Millennials and the senior citizens who have to have easy-to-use, functional stuff that is transparent between devices.”
Well, the integration of these two tech giants will definitely result in seamless enhancements in all the core parts the technology and entertainment. It will be the next revolution in the history of Computer science. It's still a statement with 'may' in it.

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