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LG Optimus 3D receives 3D game converter

If you are addicted to watching movies in 3D versions, then you know better the key difference between the ordinary and a 3D version. 3D is quite IN these days and you cannot live without it after having a single experience. This innovation has jolt down the entertainment industry and now, it is affecting video games industry too.
Imagine how it feels to play your favorite video game in a 3D version. This route is quite impressive; as now, the newest version of 3D gaming has been arrived. “Stereoscopic 3D” is the next gen of 3D games. LG Optimus 3D is proud to announce this gaming mode in a trendy gadget.
This is a wonderful 3D game convertor and if you have some 2D games in your mobile and you want to turn them into some dashing 3D games, then it will help you. It works very well and is made for Smartphone users to let them covert “GL-based 2D games” into a smashing 3D version. Isn’t it excited enough for you to enjoy the same old game in a new version? After all, 3D is the ultimate replacement of old-fashioned 2D games. Similarly, if you got tired of playing in 3D version, then turn back into 2D as its possible here.

The Ultimate Gaming Chair

For ultimate gaming experiences, Ultimate Gaming Chair features outstanding vibration with its extraordinary 12 motors. These motors are specially designed for better synchronization with the game. If the character jumps, you jump and if it falls, then the chair moves in the same motion. This whole gaming experience can’t be completed without superb stereo sounds. If you want to add sound, then buy some good headphones and enjoy a lot. Even this chair has the capacity to adjust 3D stereo speakers.
Remember, your whole thrilling experience will be useless, if you are not comfortable on the chair. Comfort is the basic element of this chair, and you can sit in a relaxing mood while playing it. It is made of soft leather and can be adjusted according to your height. Just imagine if comfort and thrill can be combined together, what else you can expect?
Keep it in mind that only PS2, Xbox, Mac, PS1, Gamecube, PC, and Xbox Live are compatible with this chair. So, don’t be confused if other doesn’t work with the Ultimate Gaming Chair.

WorkEZ Professional Adjustable Stand

Uncaged Ergonomics understand very well a common need of the computer user. Keep yourself comfortable while doing official work on your computer is nearly difficult. Mostly, a lot of people suffer back and spinal pain issues due to unrest while constantly working on a laptop.
No matter wherever you sit and work, if you are not doing it comfortably, then you may suffer with the body pain. WorkEZ Professional is an easy-to-use, adjustable stand. It is made for those guys who use to work on laptop while sitting or lying on sofa, bed, floor or some chair. Laptops are not much heavier, but a constant weight on your belly or lap will make you uncomfortable.
This stand is made of pure aluminum and is quite strong to hold the weight of good-sized laptop. It can bear the load up to 13 pounds, which is a big plus. It means you can put some books on this stand as well. It’s easy to handle, as all you have to do is to push the buttons and adjust it accordingly. It’s up to you at which angle you want it to be. So, enjoy carefree and a comfortable laptop session while you are sitting or laying on your bed, floor or a sofa.
Say goodbye to lower back pain and enjoy the comfort of WorkEZ Professional Adjustable Stand. It can carry strong weight, but it’s not difficult to carry it. Its total weight is nearly 3 pounds.

AOC portable USB monitor
AOC portable monitor has 16” screen, light weight, and a built USP port, which lets the monitor suck power and the signals from the same computer. All you need to do is to connect a little USB cable with the monitor in order to connect it with your PC.
It’s a great experience to enjoy dual monitors at the same time. For those people who are stuck into some presentation work, it can work very well, as its 16” screen can serve the purpose, if you have a limited number of people. By doing this, you can save money on expensive multimedia and presentation screens.
It has a standard built-in stand, which can help you keep it still while you do your work. This stand can work efficiently, if you want to switch between landscape or portrait modes. Hence, try is a must, if you need such a useful gadget for small scale presentations.
This article is written by Kevin Moor, who also writes for, a site emphasizing on antivirus software.

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