Facebook is allowing status messages upto 63,206 characters now!

The social network giant Facebook With roughly 800 million users has raised its character limits on status updates to a rather precise 63,206 characters. 
On 1st December, Vadim Lavrusik, Facebook Journalist Program Manager has announced that Facebook users can now post Facebook status updates that are more than 60,000 characters in length.
Lavrusik wrote, “For a reference, a novel has roughly 500,000 characters. This could be shared in 9 posts,”  
Facebook has been constantly increasing the character limits for status updates. In the beginning, the social networking site allowed 160 characters and in 2009, this character limit was extended to 420 spaces. 500 characters in July 2011, and 5,000 in September 2011.
 While People can literally blog on Google Plus without worrying about the length of the post content! As it limits its posts to 100,000 characters. At the other end is Twitter, where the maximum limit is 140.
Is it a good idea to post 60000 characters long updates and annoy your friends?

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  5. Well it was the drastic change about the character limits for the status update by the Facebook. As it was 420 characters in starting but increased directly to the 63,206 really a big decision. Character Limit still the same nowadays but there are many things added by the Facebook for better user experience and for Business uses.

  6. Yups, this was the big step by Facebook to change the character limits to more characters so the user can share more info with their friends or networks.
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