Upgraded Aakash tablet to be launched next month: Sibal

(image source: phonearenaindia.com)

The cheapest known tablet PC Akash is coming back to the gadget world with enhanced features to attract the masses.

A faster and enhanced version coming up in May 2012 with the ability to manage the large number of customers. “After freezing the technology, we will start manufacturing it. We are calling people from across the world to manufacture it and some people have shown interest,” Mr. Sibal said.

The older version which has some quality and interface issues are known to be fixed in the new version to cope up with Android 2.3 and apps. The new tablet would have a better 3200m AH battery with a three-hour backup, a 700 MHz Cortex A8 processor and a capacitive touch screen which would get over the earlier issues observed in the tablets, Mr. Sibal had said earlier.

Datawind the maker of Aakash and Quad Electronics, the contract manufacturer of Aakash Tablet have been exchanging the charges against each other on payment issues. Overcoming all these issues the Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal assures the launch of Tablet PC in May 2012.

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